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The role of garage doors has halted from being a simple door to securing automobiles and other essential items in your garage. But, this concept has changed as garage doors are now becoming a significant part of a house. Now, Garage Doors Repair Plano TX are considered as one of the most important investments to make. A full operation, automatic overhead garage door can increase the value of your property. In business establishments, garage doors can provide protection to the belongings and vehicles of the clients. But, like other things with moving parts, garage doors are bound to be broken, especially when not properly maintained. And this is where professional Garage Doors Repair Plano TX comes in.


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The garage is considered as an integral part of a home or business establishment. Therefore, it is a must for the garage to function properly at all times. With this concern, professional garage doors repair Plano TX can provide you with your needs. As a professional garage doors repair company in Plano Texas, we guarantee that your garage receives the proper as well as the ideal solution if the problem arises from the door. Often times, garage door problems include broken torsion springs and cables, bent tacks or rollers, etc. Garage doors that are frequently used experience these problems. Broken springs and faulty cables not only lead to lots of hassles, but also put your safety and your family’s safety at risk.

Often times, people prefer to fix the garage door problem on their own using the DIY options. But, a garage door repair is a work for the pros. The DIY tips on garage door repairs tell you how to fix the problem, but they did not tell you how complex it is and how dangerous it is. In addition, improper repairs can lead to further damage to your garage door.

Here at Garage Doors Repair Plano TX, services are provided by trained and skilled professionals. We have the right equipment needed to fix any kind of garage door. With the right equipment and skilled technicians, the company can offer you the best solutions to fix the issues on your garage doors. Being backed by the people that do this thing well, you no longer need to worry about the issues may arise after repairs are done. Besides, our garage door repair services are backed by satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. We have confidence in our work and we promise quality to our clients.

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GARAGE DOOR REPAIR: As a full range garage doors repair company in Plano TX, we offer almost all garage repair services including garage door spring repair, door opener repair, garage door remote replacement, bent track repair and replacement, new garage door installation, etc.

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GARAGE DOOR REPLACEMENT: There are times that the damages acquired by your garage door are severe and your last option is to replace the garage door. If this happens, we can give you different options to choose from. Here at Garage Doors Repair Plano TX, we encourage our clients to replace their garage doors, especially if the damage is severe. Garage door replacement is a good decision as it can save you from the cost and inconvenience of repairs that will always arise on an already damaged garage door.

24-HOUR EMERGENCY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR: Getting stuck inside your garage due to garage door that does not open is annoying and the stress you feel is doubled when the garage door repair company you call does not arrive quickly. When you call us, we will arrive at your property within 15-20 minutes, depending on where you live in Plano TX. Our trucks are fully loaded with replacement parts, so we can fix your garage door in just one visit. Besides, the last thing that you want to hear from a garage door repair company is that they do not have the parts needed to fix your garage opener.

GARAGE DOOR MAINTENANCE INSPECTION: To ensure that you will not need to call for a garage door repair service for a longer period of time, we offer garage door repair maintenance inspection. One of our garage door maintenance specialists will check several items on your garage door. Checking the balance of your garage door is the basis if it needs repair. An out of balance garage door can put stress to its moving parts, especially the torsion springs and cables. Here at Garage Doors Repair Plano TX, we can ensure that your garage door is properly maintained, so you can avoid the high cost of repairs.


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  • WE SERVICE ALL BRANDS AND MAKES OF GARAGE DOORS: Unlike other companies that focus on residential or commercial garage doors only, we can fix any issues on both residential and commercial garage doors. We can fix any brand and make of garage doors. Our experience together with the right equipment and skills has allowed us to fix any issue on garage doors.
  • AFFORDABLE RATES : Here at Garage Doors Repair Plano TX, we are confident on our work and we offer a lifetime guarantee. We are committed to customer satisfaction and aim to deliver the best service to our clients.
  • ALL WORK GUARANTEED: You don’t need to break your bank just to get your garage door fixed or replaced. Aside from affordable services, we all also offer our clients different options that can help their garage door fixed or replaced in no time. If necessary, we can craft our services around your budget, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and property are safe.
  • WE ARE LICENSED, BONDED AND INSURED : As we are a licensed garage door repair company, you can ensure that our work is high quality.

Whether you have problem on broken cables or spring and are in need of garage door repair, replacement or new installation of any kind of garage opener, we can provide the services that you need. We are the premier provider of garage door repair services to both residential and commercial clients in the greater Plano TX and the surrounding areas.

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